The Future is Climate Friendly Food

The Future is Climate Friendly Food

We started Little Sesame so that we could serve you food that makes you feel good, that’s good for you and good for the planet. We wanted to bring you all along for the journey; so we could learn together on the way and all become better stewards of our planet.

We know our business is not perfect, and the climate challenges of the moment are steep, but together, if we all commit to some small changes, we can accomplish a lot!

Chickpeas are at the core of everything we serve at Little Sesame. We proudly single source ours from Casey Bailey who regeneratively grows over 25,000 pounds a year for us on his family’s 5,000 acre farm in Fort Benton, Montana. 

Over the past decade, Casey has turned his land back to organic and pioneered new ways to grow regeneratively. At the core of this philosophy is integrating farming into the landscape in a way that improves the soil, land and water. Rather than over-tilling the land and dumping toxic chemicals to make the soil suitable for another season of growth, he invests in the soil year-after-year with rotations of crops that work together to create a healthy ecosystem.

Every bowl of hummus you eat from Little Sesame is an investment in Casey’s farm. As we like to say, it’s climate-friendly food. 

Connecting the dots between what we put on our plates and how it impacts the climate is a big step in the right direction. We have the power to make a difference with every meal. We hope you’ll join us!

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