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When we started making hummus everyone said find someone else to make it.

But no one else would make it like we did.

So we built our own factory where we soak every chickpea, squeeze every lemon, and freshly spin every batch of hummus.

It’s a little bit crazy. But that’s who we are. *We’ll tell you more later.

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You’ll find us FaceTiming with our chickpea farmer and dishing out samples at Whole Foods in the same day. We prioritize cultivating meaningful relationships with our farmers, team members and of course you, our customers.

Whoever said hummus is just a snack got it all wrong. Here at Little Sesame, we say, you do you! Dunk your pizza in it, slather it on a sandwich or eat it with your eggs for breakfast.

You know that feeling of running through a sprinkler on a hot summer day as a kid?! How do we capture those refreshing memories, that pure and simple fun? That's the spirit that inspires everything we do.



It’s all about the ride...

We met as cooks in super fine dining restaurants but just wanted to have fun. So we left. And started Little Sesame! We started making hummus in a 500 sq ft pop up in Washington, DC in 2016. It's been a wild ride ever since.

We now have a flagship restaurant in DC and sell our hummus in stores across the US. But our mission hasn’t changed—we continue to honor our commitment to quality ingredients, planet-conscious practices and a fun-first attitude in everything we do.

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