We're Certified Organic

We're Certified Organic

We’re proud to announce that we just received organic certification of our lineup of grocery store hummus. A fitting finale to Earth Month.

It’s not just a label. We buy organic because it matters: for the soil, for our waterways, for our  health. We view the land we share as the commons, it’s owned by all of us - those who are here today and for future generations.  We want to build a business that serves the land, so we act as stewards of the planet for our kids, and their kids.

When we say we make food that’s good for you and good for the planet, we mean it. We will continue to improve our supply chain & our packaging as well as how we power our factory and our fleet; so that we can have the least impact on the planet. We believe that it’s possible to simultaneously grow a business and take care of the planet.

Thank you to the farmers for doing the hard work so that we can bring you our food. And thank you to our team for helping us bring this vision to life everyday. Thank you to all of you for buying our hummus so that we can make these investments.

Nick Wiseman & Ronen Tenne

Little Sesame Co-Founders

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