We Are on the Shelves at Whole Foods Market!

We Are on the Shelves at Whole Foods Market!

Today is a big day for Little Sesame.  You can now find our grocery-ready hummus on the shelves at Whole Foods Market across D.C., Maryland & Virginia. 

We started making hummus five years ago with a five pound bag of chickpeas and a small table top mixer. We’ve grown up a bit since then, but we’re still committed to the same goal: to make the best hummus possible.   

When we began crafting our grocery-ready hummus last summer, we decided we wouldn’t share it until it was as good as what we serve in the store. We built a lab, assembled the team and started spinning hummus.

We knew what we wanted: that ethereal texture, rich with notes of tahini and bright pops of lemon. It had to be smooth and balanced.

What we figured out after a hundred experiments was that going back to the original recipe (rather than adding artificial ingredients like most other hummus on the shelves) got us the best results. We still source from the same chickpea farmer. We still squeeze every lemon. We still spin it in small batches. And it’s finally ready for its big debut. 

You can get the entire line up of our grocery-ready hummus - smooth classic, jammy tomato and caramelized onion - at Whole Foods Market.

Of course, you can still get your hummus fix at the Little Sesame shops, under our tents at Central Farm Markets, from Foxtrot markets and online from 4P Foods. We are declaring this the #summerofhummus & are excited to bring our climate-friendly food to fuel your adventures.

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