Welcome Preserved Lemon Hummus!

Welcome Preserved Lemon Hummus!

Meet our newest flavor: Preserved Lemon Hummus! 

We’ve been juicing all of our lemons since day one. Well that’s grown quite a bit over the past couple of years. Today, we’re juicing over 5,000 pounds of lemons a week! Sadly, we’ve been throwing the lemons away after we juiced them. And that’s not cool, or aligned with who we are. So we set out to solve the problem and figured out how to give them a second life: 

We now turn them into a bright, juicy, savory lemon paste - the star of our preserved lemon hummus! It’s so good. And good for the planet. 

It’s our sunniest flavor yet! It’s like a daydream of a trip through the desert in Morocco, sipping on mint tea with a fragrant tagine pot cooking against the burnt red sand and azure blue sky. You get where we’re going with it?! Your little oasis awaits in every container! 

Preserved Lemon hummus is exclusively available via the Hummus Club. Retailer drops coming soon.

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