2023 Year in Review

2023 Year in Review

What a year! As always, it’s fun to recount the wins together since they're all powered by our community. And the tireless work of our crew; our brand ambassadors across the US, our team in the factory spinning hummus everyday, our longtime restaurant staff and all the partners, and farmers and drivers that power the whole system.

Thank YOU for being a part of our adventure! 

January: We hit NYC hard, adding an  awesome line up of small retailers, shoppy shops & neighborhood bodegas!

February: We went national with Sprouts! Shout out to Chaneque, our buyer, for believing in us! 

March: We dropped Fly By Jing Pumpkin Chili Crisp Hummus and hosted an epic dinner at Maketto.

April: Nationwide launch with Sweetgreen in the Hummus Crunch Salad. (It’s still available, and you should probably order it right now!)

May: Ronen welcomed a baby to the world, and Little Sesame fam grew again! 

June: Broke 1000 retail doors!!! 

July: We went national with Whole Foods Market. 🤯🚀 

September: Finalist for a NEXTY award and hit the road up I-95 for the Whole Foods Market Road Show.

November: Hit some new (virtual) shelves. Launched with GoPuff, Wegmans and Misfits/Imperfect. 

December: Unveiled brand new website and online shop featuring the HUMMUS CLUB (shameless plug, sign up!)

We can't wait to get back at it in 2024. We're going to enjoy some time with our friends and fam and hope you do too! Until then:


Nick & The LS Team

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