Introducing Mexican Street Corn Hummus: A Collaboration with Vista Hermosa

Introducing Mexican Street Corn Hummus: A Collaboration with Vista Hermosa

Introducing Mexican Street Corn Hummus, our new flavor in collaboration with Vista Hermosa! This flavor was inspired by our favorite summer food, elote. Read below to hear a bit about how this flavor came to be! 

A Little Background

Our co-founders Nick and Ronen met as line cooks on the fine dining circuit in NYC. They bonded over meals outside the restaurant, exploring the exciting dining scene across the city. One memorable meal was out of the vintage VW van at the Tacombi in Nolita. Cervezas were drunk and tacos were eaten.

Fast forward ten years, Nick & Ronen stock Tacombi’s Vista Hermosa tortillas in the fridges at home, and eat them with their kids every week!

So, when we dreamed our ideal collab for summer here at Little Sesame, we had to reach out to Vista Hermosa. After a few days back in Tacombi's Nolita kitchen, we came up with the most delicious combination: caramelized corn and creamy hummus. And we ran with it! We used elote as our inspiration, layering in smoky chili (made in the Tacombi kitchens), fresh lime juice and cilantro. Jump under the lid with us and take a trip to the beach in Tulum for the star of the summer: Mexican Street Corn Hummus!

A Note from Nick on the Collab:

I’m so excited about this collaboration because it’s at the core of what I love about food. Food has the power to cross cultures, and weave stories as it moves. Food is moving so fast these days, as immigration and travel and the internet compress time, place. And with it cuisines are blending. I don’t mean 90’s fusion – I mean new cuisines altogether.

At Little Sesame, we believe this mixing of foods is our collective future. Of course, we must always remember to honor the origins and credit the original makers. But we must also celebrate the sharing of flavors, and with it all the knowledge and wisdom and history packed in every bite. Because this intersection is where we can all meet.

We all have something unique to offer, all our home kitchens represent our own unique story. And if we just appreciate that special thing we all bring, we can build longer tables. We promise it will be a tastier and more joyous (and hopefully more peaceful) world.

-Nick, Co-Founder of Little Sesame

Stay tuned for some fun recipes incorporating this new flavor, coming next week!

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