Welcome to the Little Sesame Journal!

Welcome to the Little Sesame Journal!

Welcome to the Little Sesame Journal. We’re excited to launch a platform to share our latest ideas, musings and adventures. Social media is so noisy these days, so we wanted to carve a quiet little oasis for a deeper dive into the who, what and why of our story.

Here you’ll get to meet our chickpea farmer Casey Bailey and learn how he’s pioneering regenerative agriculture; go behind the scenes with Chef Ronen for insight into what happens everyday in our kitchens; and travel along in our ‘78 VW van  -- we affectionately call “Wilma” -- when we hit the road to cook with friends.

If there’s ever anything you want to see, learn, or read more about, just drop us a note at hello@eatlittlesesame.com. We look forward to this new journey & hope you will join the adventure.

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