We are proud to be the twenty precent!

We are proud to be the twenty precent!

Last week, the environmental watchdog and advocacy organization, Environmental Working Group released findings that up to 80% of the commercially distributed chickpeas and hummus they tested in the U.S. contained elevated levels of glyphosate.

Glyphosate, better known as RoundUp, is utilized in conventional (chickpea) farming as a herbicide and pesticide. Roundup has been sold for years as a farming “shortcut”, but it’s turned out to be very toxic not only to our health, but also the quality of nearby soil and water.

Well, the good news is: Our hummus is different. The hummus that we serve is made from organic chickpeas exclusively grown for us by Casey Bailey on his family farm in Fort Benton, Montana (if you didn't follow along on our road trip last summer when we visited Casey and his farm; watch this). 

We single source 100% of the 25,000 pounds of chickpeas we use annually from his farm — remember #chickpeagate? (don’t worry we found em!). Casey farms 100% regeneratively - so it doesn't degrade the soil it actually makes it healthier.  We “know our farmer” so you can “know your food”. 

We always knew his chickpeas made our hummus taste better, and now we are happy to report they are also healthier for you & our planet. We’re proud to be the twenty precent.

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