The Alternative Protein Boom

The Alternative Protein Boom

Alternative proteins are taking off. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are becoming ubiquitous. Even Burger King jumped on board the movement. 

And while we’re super excited by the technological approach to replacing animal proteins, our food has always been rooted in nature's “alternative” proteins.  We do all of our processing in our kitchens, not in scientific labs. It’s why we put plant protein rich hummus at the center of the plate. 

Our recipes hail from the Middle East, a thousands-of-year-old cuisine centered around vegetables. Humans have long understood the power of plants at the core of a healthy diet. You see this knowledge encoded into so many cuisines around the world.  

The science backs it up. There’s about 15 grams of protein in our bowls of hummus. Plus you get tons of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fiber all of which keep you healthy. Hummus is good for you and the planet.

See you for lunch!

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