Little Sesame Wants You to Vote

Little Sesame Wants You to Vote

Fifteen days….and counting! ...and we want to be sure that YOU are counted. 

You vote with your fork each time you eat at Little Sesame - you support fair wages, sustainable practices and regenerative agriculture. Now, we want to be sure that you tend to the state of our nation as diligently as you do the state of your plate.

We’re asking you to commit to vote - starting with confirming you are registered to vote, identifying your polling place and making a voting plan for yourself, your friends and your family.

We joined forces with Time to Vote as our commitment to support our team members by giving them the tools they need to make a choice and giving them paid time off on election day to cast their vote. 

Special treat: After you vote, stop by a Little Sesame shop for a soft serve on us! No questions asked, one swirl to vote, please!

There is some much at stake for all of us in this election & your voice matters.

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