Hot News: A Fly By Jing Hummus

Hot News: A Fly By Jing Hummus
We've been smothering our freshly spun hummus with chili crisp for years, but now we've made it official and we couldn't be more excited to share Pumpkin Chili Crisp Hummus in collaboration with our friends at Fly By Jing. This partnership was born over a shared love of big flavors and long tables and from our admiration for Jing, the powerhouse Fly By Jing brand, and the fire lineup of products she's built featuring uncensored Chinese flavors. This is a super limited edition run. Get it exclusively at our flagship shop in DC, plus limited edition drop at these select retailers Each Peach in Washington, DC / Pop up Grocer in New York City, NY /Wine & Eggs in Los Angeles, CA Something big is here. This tastes different.

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